2018-06-17 13:20

Here at RIYA we don’t want to preach in an exact way of using our skin care products. We believe that everyone is unique and so is probably your morning routine. With that said we also strongly believe in inspiration, in fact everything you see in this homepage is a result all inspiration we have felt through many years and in many forms.

Ok, back to what this post should be about. If you want some inspiration on how to use the RIYA series keep on reading as I have below described my day and night routine.


RIYA Day Routine

Step 1

A clean face feels almost like a new beginning and isn’t there something wonderful about beginnings?

First thing first – coffee! After my first cup of coffee and scrolling through my Instagram feed (I said we love getting inspired, right?) it is time for my morning ritual.

After wetting my face with luke water I massage  WHO IS SOAP with circular motion onto my skin before rinsing it off. When we developed WHO IS SOAP our objective was to create a cleanser that was as gentle as possible and not leaving you a feeling that you have stripped of all the moisture from your face.


Step 2

After patting my face dry with a clean towel I apply our toner  BYE BYE RESIDUES to a cotton wool pad and smooth over my face avoiding my eye area.

Some may ask why the need of a toner? I actually had the exact same question a few years ago before my mother explained to me the chemistry behind it (I being a marketeer rather than a scientist she probably explained it in a very simplified way): when washing your face with a cleanser you increase the pH-level on your skin surface. This, because cleansing properties naturally exist in high pH ingredients. To restore the pH-levels and at the same time remove any residues a toner is used. While anyway using a toner we infused ours with allantoin and vitamin C and based it on aloe vera leaving my ready for the final step…


Step 3

Instead of having to use a primer, moisturizer and primer (overkill or what?)before starting with my make-up we wanted ONE product that did it all. This is why we created UNDER MY MAKEUP. I normally apply primser in the size of a pea and warm it up by gently rubbing it between my finger tips before gently massage it onto my skin including under my eye area and on my lips. If there is any excess product left on my fingers I massage it on my nail cuticles. I like to use an amount this doesn’t leave my skin oily but instead with a soft glow.

After letting it penetrate my skin and do its magic (normally around 5 min while brushing my teeth) I move on to my makeup.

This post probably took longer time to read than my morning routine requires. Our philosophy at RIYA is that we want to develop products that are convenient and fast to use. We didn’t want to develop a skin care range which took 20 minutes and included 10 products. We wanted a skin care range with fewer products providing the same benefits by using natural ingredients from plants so you at the same time can feel confident that you are not putting harsh chemicals neither on your skin nor in the drains.

Hoping to have giving you some inspiration I wish you best of luck finding your morning RIYA routine and don’t forgot to let us know you RIYA tips and tricks!

    Varor som nämns i nyheten